In the dark days of the Witch King War, heroes were born and villains slain – great, monstrous beasts fought in the skies and brave knights fought nefarious necromancers on the field of battle, huge armies clashing and tearing one another asunder. The histories marked it as one of the darkest points of history and a glorious victory over the dark powers.

But what of those who just wanted to survive? Those who wanted to get on with their lives and eek out some form of existence? Ersat is a city under the iron heel of Witch King rule. A brave few men and women resist the dark powers and gather together to hold whispered meetings in secret places. Will they overthrow the occupying forces? Will they free their city from the cold, dark hands of necromancers and evil? Or will they fall in the fight for the cause they hold dearest – freedom?

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The Liberation of Ersat

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